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Criminal and Civil Law in Northern Virginia

Our Diverse Practice Areas Meet Our Clients' Needs

At Hale Ball we are large and well-established enough to offer a variety of legal services to our clients, without sacrificing the high quality of representation that we provide to every individual and business with legal problems in Northern Virginia that comes to our Fairfax County law firm.

This page describes our primary practice areas. If you have legal questions in any of these areas, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers. Call 703-962-1164 or send an e-mail.

Criminal Defense: Our criminal defense practice offers aggressive and realistic support for individuals charged with crimes in cities and counties throughout Northern Virginia. We provide DUI defense services, including defense of felony DUI charges. We also help clients facing charges for serious traffic offenses or suspension of driving privileges. Other types of criminal charges frequently faced by our clients include drug crimes and shoplifting and theft. We are frequently asked to provide criminal defense services for students of colleges and universities in and around Fairfax County.

Estate Planning and Estate and Trust Administration: We offer estate planning services to individuals and families and business succession planning for owners of commercial entities who want to ensure the continuation of the business. As a part of our estate planning services, we also consider the impact of federal income, estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer taxes on the planned transmission of wealth. In the process of conceiving, developing and implementing an estate plan, clients are faced with numerous options available to them, and our attorneys make recommendations based on each client's specific needs and goals. We often help our clients achieve tax savings and the achievement of planning objectives by establishing trusts for the benefit of family members. The documents used often range from wills, trust instruments of all kinds (both revocable and irrevocable), such as "living," grantor "defective," "QTIP," "QDOT," "QPRT," and life insurance trusts, as well as durable powers of attorney (for the management of business and financial affairs), pre-marital and marital agreements, advance medical directives and numerous ancillary or related documents.

We also handle the administration of estates and trusts on behalf of personal representatives and trustees. Specifically, we deal with numerous areas including the probate of wills, collection of a decedent's assets, payment of debts, calculation and payment of estate taxes, trust funding and asset distribution; minimization of transfer taxes for the estate, trusts and their respective beneficiaries; and timing and structure of sale or other disposition of the administered assets, including business interests.

Estate Litigation: Estate litigation happens when disputes arise over the formation, construction or execution of a will or trust. Hale Ball has experienced trial attorneys to handle wills and trusts contests, including heir contests and allegations of fiduciary misconduct against trustees. We work to find creative solutions that may avoid protracted litigation and preserve family relationships. It is our preference to reach an equitable solution early on in the process. When necessary, however, we will protect and vigorously advance our clients' interests in adversarial proceedings including resolving will disputes, interpreting wills and trusts, and related litigation.

We also provide assistance to trustees who seek court approval of their actions, or the interpretation and enforcement of trust provisions. Our firm has substantial experience in litigating trust and estate disputes on behalf of executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries, claimants, surviving spouses and heirs. Our litigation experience includes will contests, will and trust construction cases, appointment and removal of fiduciaries, augmented estate claims, and challenging and defending fiduciary accountings. We also have litigated actions alleging fraud, undue influence and mental incapacity, determinations of heirship and cases involving alleged breaches of fiduciary duty.

Business Law: We offer a complete range of commercial law services to Northern Virginia businesses: business formation, representation during commercial transactions, business succession planning, and resolution of commercial disputes.

Family Law: Our family law attorneys help Northern Virginia families negotiate the divorce process with minimum conflict and maximum efficiency.

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